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About Us

Welcome to 222 Parkside, your go-to destination for trendy and quirky graphic tees. We are Casey and Jeremy Belcher, also known as That Small Business Couple on social media. As proud owners of Inkwell Transfers and Moving Forward Designs, we bring our expertise in graphic design, print, customization, signage, laser, embroidery, and more to our online store.
After leaving the education field, we decided to pursue our passion for media and entrepreneurship. In 2015, we founded Moving Forward Designs, and since then, we have been dedicated to providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service.
At 222 Parkside, we specialize in offering sustainable Comfort Colors clothing that combines comfort and style. Our collection features the popular "Tired Moms Department" black graphic tee, perfect for all the hardworking moms out there. With our commitment to sustainability, you can feel good about your purchase while looking fashionable.
Not only do we offer trendy graphic tees, but we also provide a range of cozy and durable sweatshirts. One of our featured products is the One Love Comfort Colors Sweatshirt Kids, designed to spread love and comfort. Made with soft and long-lasting materials, our sweatshirts are perfect for any occasion, keeping you warm and stylish.
Founded in 2023 in Martinsville, 222 Parkside is more than just an ecommerce store. It's a reflection of our passion, dedication, and commitment to providing you with the best products and service. Join us on this journey and experience the warmth and support of our One Love Sweatshirt while making a statement with every wear.